Pattern Unseen

The pandemic brought out some of our best and a lot of our most flawed patterns. Patterns in life may be best described as those behaviors or ways of acting or responding to a certain object or situation. These patterns are repeatable, we are born with some, and others we develop due to our environment and life experience. As life continues, they change, sometimes surprising us with its beauty and sometimes challenging us to see the beauty in their randomness.

My journey from a fairly sheltered Muslim girl, who wasn’t safe in her own home, to finding love and acceptance with someone only at the expense of family,  the yearning to have a family, and trying to find that elusive home. Throughout my life, it’s been certain unseen patterns of mine that have helped me continue strongly and some other patterns that despite the best of my ability, have caused pain. 

Just as one turns the pages in a book, my life has been about finding space for opposing ideas to co-exist. This book can be opened from either side – just like life can be seen as a glass half full or half empty. On the top right or bottom right of every page (depending on how you open the book) has some combinations of symbols.

I have left it up to the viewer to define what each of these symbols means to them in their lives – is it gender, family, religion or are honesty, integrity, and faithfulness, or are they just numbers on a page.

Created in 2021 Edition of 5