Dreams is a conceptual project that symbolizes the elusive nature of dreams and aspirations. As individuals engage in assembling the mobile and personalizing the accompanying books, they embark on a transformative journey of self-expression and discovery. The project prompts contemplation and balance of aspirations in shaping our lives and explores the connection between dreams and our lived experiences.

The materials used in the project include light-colored Kozuke paper, intricately laser-cut wood hooks, and connectors. All these components are carefully enclosed in a box shaped like a book, adding an element of anticipation and storytelling to the experience. As individuals thread and construct the mobile, they have the opportunity to weave their own dreams and aspirations into the artwork. The books act as blank canvases, inviting the addition of personal stories, musings, and reflections.

Dreams is a variable edition consisting of 10 sets, each featuring 8-10 hangers and 20+ hooks. Each set comes with a variation of books. Included are: Paper case bound books, with blank Mohawk SuperFine text paper and accordion folded books made from a single sheet of cut patterns. All the books are covered with Kokuze paper that has been laser etched with patterns & words. The box and mobile, crafted by the artist, are made from Baltic wood and incorporate a living hinge technique, enabling a graceful curve.